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The Cups and their origins

The Championship Cup.

     In 1902 there were sufficient members to warrant a competition, with a cup being

     awarded to the Club Champion. No account exists of the donor but it is likely that it

     was our Founder. The first champion was H. Glidden.

The Jessie Crocker Cup.

      In 1943 F. W. Crocker presented the club with this cup in memory of his wife.

      It is presented to the runner-up in the Championship.

The Handicap Cup.

       As early as 1910 the club introduced a Handicap competition.

The Aspden Cup.

       Presumably this cup was presented by W. Aspden. It is presented to the runner-up

       in the Handicap.

The John Spry Cup.

       John was groundsman at the time of the club’s formation and for many years after.

       A popular contest in the early days was the Fixed Jack Competition which was won

       by John in 1913. The cup that John won was presented to the club in 1960 by his

       son Bill. It was decided at that time that the cup should be awarded to the winner

       of a 2 wood competition.

The Featherstone Cup.

       In 1943 Mrs Featherstone and Mr Cliff Featherstone presented this cup after the

       death of Mr F. J. Featherstone. The entrants in this competition must be over 65

       years of age. The first winner was W. Aspden who won the Championship in  the

       same year.

The Military Cup.

       First played in 1942, the winner being J. Fellows, no record exists of its origins.

       It is open to those members who have never won an Arrow competition.

The Osborne Cup.

        Presented in 1917 by J. S. Salter in memory of Joseph Osborne. The first winner

        was B. Challenger in 1918 and it remained a singles cup (possibly awarded to the

        runner-up in the Championship) until 1936. The following year saw it awarded to

        the winners of the newly inaugurated Pairs Competition.

The Mixed Pairs Bowl.

        This glass bowl was generously donated by William Gilbert in 2000. It is presented

        to the winners of the Mixed Pairs competition.

The Charles Winstone Cup.

        In 1975, in memory of his father, who had toured with the Arrow in 1930, Charles         presented this cup to be played for by any lady who so desired.

The Redstone Cup

        Since 1967 the Arrow and Avonmouth have competed annually for this cup.


        All the above cups are played for by Arrow members, the following is not.

The Harry Punchard Cup.

        Harry Punchard, as well as being President of our club, was also twice President of

        both the CCBBA and the GBA. Being a jeweller by profession he chose a suitable

        trophy to be played for between those two associations.