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A few photos of the 2017 Finals

Charlie Haynes and Matt Bartlett in the Championship

Tim Summerton and Stuart Mole              in the 2 Wood

Peter Cook and Richard Marsh in the Featherstone

Peter Davis and Kevin Prescott in the Military

Barbara Brown and Jenny Westlake                in the 2 Wood

Championship Charlie / Matt

   Handicap Matt / Charlie

 2 Wood

   Featherstone Peter and Richard

       Military   Peter and Kevin

Tim and Stuart

 The Championship was won by Charlie Haynes, a young lad of 15 yrs and 4 days, surely the youngest  ever champion of the club. He keeps it in the family as his father Richard won it in 2016. The runner-  up was Matt Bartlett, our second youngest member at 18 yrs of age.

                                                    Congratulations to them both.